Portraiture is about life, the particular life of a unique and special person created in the image of God. The goal is to capture
the essence, the substance, the heart, of the individual. Out of an effective portrait the soul will speak.

Created by God, the Original, Sovereign, and Wise Creator Artist, each life has value, dignity and honor. Perfect in every way, He always does what is for His glory and His good.

Gifted by God with an ability to capture on canvas a reflection of His
creation, I enjoy the opportunity to impart a window into another’s soul, to share the story of a unique
personality, to paint a thoughtful and lovely likeness.

Pastel, pencil, oil, or watercolor in the hand of the TraditionalFine Artist can convey life in many of it’s lovely and
varied colors, hues and values. My goal is to portray with dignity, respect,
and excellence, the beauty and reflection of our Creator in each valuable life.

“Art fulfills its calling only when it conjures the human form before
the eye in terms of dignified harmony and nobility.” Abraham Kuyper