His grace and mercy are new every morning, overflow­ing every day and
every night. Every breath, every step is only because of His grace. How
grateful I am to hold a pencil and create a drawing. His lines draw
us to Him.

His beauty and His glory encourage me as an Artist of Faith to
appreciate the tiny twinkle, the sparkling ray of light, or the
breathtaking brilliance that astonishes. Nothing remains
ordinary when understood from a faith perspective.

In inspirational art, whether a black and white drawing, or a brilliantly colored pastel painting,
the subject of each requires an attention to detail, form and technical skill.
Observa­tion is required and wisdom needed to express with beauty and
understanding the significance of something we might normally ignore.
God is in the infinitesimal details, He often whispers amid the noise.
Much joy is found in listening. Inspiring words and beauty become
inspiring paintings.

As an Inspirational Artist, I enjoy conveying with
pencil or paintbrush in a variety of mediums the treasures we find all around
us. How immeasurable is the glory and majesty of God.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firma­ment shows His handiwork. Psalm 19:1